Add News

Who can add news?

News is typically added by the owner of a Grayshott business or organization.

If you a manager of a business or organization and you want to add some news you need to create an account.

  • Create an account here
  • If you have an account, login here

Once your account is created (and approved), you can then fill in a simple form to add your news. You will do this via your account management console.

This "management" console will allow you to keep your information up to date and accurate. This includes adding news or events to the site.

Should I add news?

If you are an individual, most of the time, you will not want to add news on your own.

News about a business or organization should be added by the appropriate business or organization

If you are not sure who is managing your business or organization on the website, contact your organization.

As a last resort, we can try to help.

Still want to add news?

You might consider posting your news to the Grayshott Facebook group (found here) and/or on the Nextdoor Grayshott group (found here). 

If you just want to enter a single news item, you can do so by using the appropriate button below.

Please note that news will need to be approved by the website admins.

We aim to do this as quickly as possible but please appreciate the site is staffed by volunteers.